You're invited to be a part of a network of pastors on mission to give $1 Billion above the tithe to world missions annually!

Thanks to AGWM, these events are free of cost to you and your team.

Upcoming Generosity Accelerators

At a Generosity Accelerator, you will learn how to grow your current tithe and increase over-and-above giving. You will learn ways to cultivate generosity in the hearts of your congregation, and understand how to help your church take the next step in generosity.

"Kingdom Builders has helped us increase our above and beyond giving from $60,000 annually to $760,000 annually in just six years."

- Dave Simerson, Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Austin, MN

"In 5 years our church's general income has risen by 85% and our mission giving has increased by 347%!"

- John Nuzzo, Lead Pastor of Victory Family Church in Cranberry Township, PA

Online Accelerator

Unable to join a Generosity Accelerator in person until a later time? Watch the condensed, online version of our Generosity Accelerator to get started.

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"It made an amazing difference in our church, and looking back now I think, "Wow, why didn't we do this sooner?" God helped us do this and the Holy Spirit was in it!"

Kevin Taylor, Lead Pastor of Journey Church in Kenosha, WI