River Valley Conference

River Valley Conference takes place over two days to inspire and equip pastors and ministry leaders to build strong and thriving churches in their community. Dynamic speakers and leaders are preparing years of experience and insight on church leadership, growth, and multi-site strategies.

River Valley Network Leadercasts and Roundtables are exclusive to Annual Members. If you are not an Annual Member, we offer Free Preview events that are open to anyone, just look out for the red marker!

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Leadercasts equip you with insights and experiences from high level leaders at River Valley Church. We cover an array of different topics, spanning from leadership, church growth, multi-site, kingdom builders, and more. All of which are discussed in a interactive live webinar format. Leadercasts are designed to engage you in each topic being discussed while also allowing you to interact during Q&A time.

Kids Leadercast
August 2 - 2:30pm
Missions Leadercast
August 22 - 2:00pm
Worship Leadercast
August 29 - 2:00pm
Leadership Leadercast
September 12 - 2:00pm
Multi-Site 301 Leadercast
September 13 - 2:00pm
Production Leadercast
September 27 - 2:00pm
Creative Leadercast
October 9 - 2:00pm
Connections Leadercast
October 11 - 2:00pm
Youth Leadercast
October 25 - 2:00pm
Kids Leadercast
November 1 - 2:00pm
Missions Leadercast
November 26 - 2:00pm
Connections Leadercast
December 5 - 2:00pm


River Valley Network Roundtable’s are intended to gather leaders from various Network Churches in key ministry areas, such as, worship, youth, kids, creative, and more. The focus of each Roundtable is to foster discussion and collaboration in a relaxed social environment. We believe each of you have great wisdom and experience to be shared.

Regional Summits

One Day Leadership Summit | Arizona

November 6


One-Day Leadership Summit | New Jersey

November 8